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Two Year Anniversary of my Blog!

On August 20th, it marked two years of my blog and it’s crazy that it has been that long. My second year has been…eventful, got a few good posts out and dealt with some serious writer’s block for a while. Regardless, I’m pleased that I kept going even during the times I didn't feel like working on my blog. Last year, I did a Q&A for my first anniversary, but today, I will reflect on what happened this second year.


What happened?

So, this year didn't go to plan if I’m being honest haha. I had a list of topics I was going to write about and life kinda halted things. Firstly, I was in my final year of uni and let me tell you…it was hectic. All the free time I had to work on my blog was taken up by typing reports and studying sessions. It was incredibly overwhelming and I couldn't even use any free time to make a blog post because I would be so tired. I tried my best to organise myself to manage school and my blog but school got the best of me haha. Things like that happen can but I wished was like other students who could be super organised and get everything done in time. I did my very best but at the end of the day, school was my priority and I had to get my degree. By July, I did my last exam for my degree so I was basically free and could get back into blogging. Now another problem arose, I got back my time but my brain refused to make posts.

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Writer’s block

I may write a post about this one day because I sadly go through this often. I would have a good streak of writing posts then my brain goes blank and I have a hard time making more. This happened to me in July and I was so annoyed. I also got into an article writing internship for a chemistry website…and I had nooo problem making those articles, but for my blog…I struggled. I’m not sure if I wasn’t interested in blogging anymore or if I couldn’t write on my own anymore. As you can see, I’m doing a lot better right now haha, there was no way I would miss a post for my second anniversary. I found a way to get interested which is to create all the graphics I need for my blog posts before I start typing. It just urged me to write more so I could use my graphics. Hopefully, this doesn’t become an issue again for me anytime soon and if you’ve dealt with writer’s block, feel free to let me know how you go around it.


The future

Well, for the rest of the year, my aim is to post once a week and bring up my engagement again. Also, in an older post, I talked about removing ads from my blog since I changed my domain name. I recently got accepted back into Google AdSense but as you can see, I don’t have any ads up right now. As of now, I want to focus on rebuilding my blog to what it used to be. I also have a Ko-fi account, hence the buttons on the screen but I’ve honestly paid that account dust. I recently finished university and it would be great to earn some extra cash right now but with my 2-year experience with blogging, it might take a while to collect those first dollars and that’s okay. I also want to focus on social media for my blog, particularly Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram and I haven’t had the best relationship but for some reason, I'm willing to keep trying haha. Now, life is strange and unpredictable so something could come up and disrupt my plans and that's okay as well. I feel like if I just have a plan written down for what I want for my blog, I’ll be good.

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Even though this year wasn’t the best for me, I truly still enjoy blogging and missed doing the entire process, no matter how long it takes to prepare for my post. I said some time ago that blogging is a learning process, you’re not gonna get it right all the time and that’s a part of the process. Hopefully, this next year will be great and I achieve my goals for this great hobby of mine. It’s crazy how blogging started for me as an outlet for my busy mind and now, it’s a source of peace and happiness for me, no matter the struggles I come across. I also want to take the time and say thank you to anyone who read a post, left a comment, interacted with me online or just gave overall support for my blog during this dry period of my blog. Your support, no matter how small, gives me the motivation to continue blogging. Reading the comments I got during my writer’s block made me feel so much better and I'm so appreciative of that. Now, as usual, I have a few questions for you:

  • How’s your blogging journey going so far?

  • How long have you been blogging?

Once again, thank you!!!


Save for later!

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I hope you're at your happiest if not, it's okay...I hope you're starting or working on reaching the highest peak of happiness.

- Anissa (TheQuietGirl)

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