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Always be yourself
You are uniquely made for a reason

Six Months of Blogging blog is 6 months today and honestly, I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come with this. I honestly didn’t have a defined plan for this blog because I created it when I was in a sad place last year. I used it as...well, I guess, an open journal...because a girl was going through it. I slowly started really enjoying writing more and started writing about other topics. After when I got out of that hole of just feeling sad every day...I started taken my blog really seriously.


In this post that I wrote last year, I expressed the nonsense I’ve been through and why I started my blog. If you’ve known my blog from its older days or know me from Twitter, my blog was formally called Learning, Expressing & Being Yourself. I called my blog last year out of what I wanted for learn more about myself, express myself more (in this case, it would be more in writing) and be my damn self. I also called it that because I also wished people would do that as well because I feel like these times...especially young people, they don’t thrive to be themselves….they try to be something for someone or even strangers. I still love my first name for my blog but after I started to feel better about myself, I wanted a change as I was going into a new direction with my blog. Also, I don’t want to see the name and be reminded of the reason why my 2020 was wasted and made worse.


I definitely had some expectations for having a blog because of some research and youtube videos like…“How I made $5000 after my first month of blogging!” or seeing people have so much accomplished in a short time frame...and I am here like...How? I do believe people are lucky and gain many views on their blog and make that much money but….I think it gives people the impression that it’s a quick success and is a fast money maker. Other than that, I’m not making $5000 a month hehe….not even close or having thousands of views a month but I am grateful for what I have accomplished so far. I just want to take my time and enjoy the experience. I’m not gonna lie, I did make some mistakes when starting my blog and also had some realizations. After 6 months, lemme go through some of them hehe.


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Website Designing

As you can see, my blog is made with Wix and It was a decision made by me just knowing about Wix. Going further into research about blogging, I was starting to see that WordPress is the place to go for blogging….and I was not that happy to discover that. I did check out WordPress….and I’m telling you, I tried, I tried to like it, I tried to understand it and I just made the decision to sort out all my issues with my Wix website. I genuinely like using Wix and I like the freedom I have with designing. One thing I can say that is a bit annoying is that I can’t change the initial template for my website...but I like my template so I don’t think that will be a serious issue...I can just play with colours again hehe. I’m also not a techy I can do some things and watch a youtube video and figure it out but I really didn’t expect the technical stuff to be so confusing. I still learn every day really but it is always a really amazing feeling when I sort out a problem. I’m not against WordPress...if you use and enjoy it, that’s great...I’m fine over here on Wix.


Blog Posts

Now, throughout the months I’ve figured out what interests I wanted to write about but at the beginning, I used to have really short posts and through more research, I learnt I needed to write more. I know really short posts are not really eye-catching but how long is too long? I feel like my posts are medium-length now but I don’t want to write too much…..I’m scared to make people lose interest. I try to put some of my weird humour in my posts so it’s interesting because I don’t necessarily like having a very long post. Also….I’m not a professional of any sort, what I write about is what I think, what I’ve experienced and what I’ve learnt or researched so I don’t have that much information to write like an essay. Not saying some bloggers write essays but if it’s not that interesting, it’s kinda hard to read the whole thing...and I’m gonna sound like a child but...if there are not that many visuals..yeah, it can be bit hard to stay interested. I try to have my personality show through my posts and not just write words on my laptop and press publish. I kinda don’t want to completely change my old posts...even though it would be beneficial to my blog but it shows the evolution of my blog writing down the line, I will eventually fix up those old posts….maybe.


Having a blog

Ok...excuse my french..but..ahem..this shit is not easy. At first, I knew having and maintaining a blog wasn’t gonna be a piece of cake but I just wanna say if you wanna start a blog….it’s not a piece of cake. You’re gonna have days where your not gonna have any visitors or views on your posts….you’re gonna spend hours editing your site….trying to brainstorm some blog posts ideas…. spending hours...and I mean hours making pins and scheduling pins for Pinterest….searching through stock photos...trying to promote your blog on social media….trying to figure out what the hell is SEO....trying to maintain your blog while life happens….having writer’s block or feeling burnout….feeling like giving up…..did I miss anything? Ok..that was me venting but all of those end up being kinda beneficial. My blog has incredibly improved from going through all of that so...I guess it’s worth it..right..? I’m joking, it’s worth it hehe.


So this is my first blog post strictly talking about blogging. I’m still new to this so I’m not gonna be making posts about blogging tips, how to do this, how to do that or anything like that. Hopefully, in the future, I can have more posts like this about blogging. Now some questions for fellow bloggers, how old is your blog or website, how’s the journey and what were your expectations of blogging? I’ll be looking forward to your response. Also, quickly...thank you to everyone who’s read my blog posts, went through my blog, left a comment, and just any overall has really pushed me to make it to the 6 months and keeps me enjoying the journey, I really appreciate it!


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I hope you're at your happiest if not, it's okay...I hope you're starting or working on reaching the highest peak of happiness.

- Anissa (TheQuietGirl)

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