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Experiencing University

I can’t forget when I was in high school I was worried about starting fresh with a new environment and new people and when I was in my last year of high school….I couldn’t wait to leave haha. I honestly got tired of being in the same environment for 7 years but at the same time, I was really shocked at how the time flew by. I couldn’t believe I was done and I getting ready to look at universities. In my last year, I started looking at different schools and what courses I’m interested in. I applied to one school and was in the process of applying to another. Funnily, I remember it being after school and I was going to track training and I got an email from the school. I didn’t read it correctly so I didn’t even realize they accepted me...and also it was like, I think it was a month after I applied so wasn’t expecting a response for now. I didn’t even do my final exams to get the last grades I needed so an early acceptance wasn’t on my mind. I went home and told my dad and he was happy about it and literally told me to forget about the other school since you’re I did...even though all I had to do was upload some papers haha.


So after I did my final exams, I started registering for my first courses for my degree. For the degree I was planning to do, I had to do a few introductory courses before I could declare my major and minor for my degree. This was the first struggle I had, making my own timetable. Now, it doesn’t sound that crazy but it was really hectic to figure out because I had to avoid clashes and also not make my classes too close together to ensure I don’t go insane. After that chaos, I had orientation in august and I could have an understanding of how my future school is laid out. As much as I was relieved to be in a new environment, I still had anxiety about being in a new place and not knowing anywhere and the chances of getting lost on a huge campus. Orientation was good, pretty long but I felt a bit better after getting to know a few places on campus. Remember what I said about the chances of getting lost on a huge campus...yeah, I got lost on my first day for my first class. I tried to use google maps to find the building I needed to go to but I ended up walking somewhere completely different and had to find back my starting point and try again. Luckily, the second time around was better but it was such a long walk. I don’t know why my university is so huge, felt like I was walking for miles...and also, I live in Jamaica and it was a morning class, let’s just say the sun in the morning was blazing. I had a rough time finding my classes but I eventually found them by just asking people for directions...if you read my anxiety sucks post, I basically talked about doing everything I can before I have to talk to someone because I can’t take the stress to talk to someone brand spanking new. I was really struggling so I just gave up and just asked for help.


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After a few months, I was basically settled in, I knew where my classes were and had a set routine for the week. I stayed off campus because I didn’t live that far from my school. Luckily, I had a friend and a few old classmates from my high school I would hang out with when I had free time. Now, if they had classes, I would just find a nice quiet place outside (with Wi-Fi) and just chill there or eat lunch until my next class. If outside is too crowded, I would go and stay in the library...a quiet person’s safe haven...I could have my own place to sit and my own desk and know...Wi-Fi. I did get a bit overwhelmed with school work, lab reports then eventually tests but I think I did pretty well for my first semester. The second semester came around and I was more comfortable at school. I didn’t spend forever finding my classes and it was less stressful this time...until a well-timed pandemic.


So, when the first case was announced over the news and social media, I was at school at the time, literally the same day, I saw people walking around with gloves and masks. The next day was worse with more persons, I would say geared up as public panic was slowly starting. I remember it was a Thursday and all primary and secondary schools were shut down in the middle of the day, and other tertiary schools shut down as well...except mine at the time. I was literally waiting for an email from the school saying don’t come to school tomorrow...also I had a group presentation the next day so I wouldn’t mind not going to school you know. school locked down and it was for a month. After the month ended, they announced through email that the semester will continue online….now at first, I wasn’t that upset since I’m a house rat but for some reason, online school is more stressful than actual school. I honestly feel like, for me...I can’t talk for everyone, I have been used to having face-to-face classes all my life so it really takes a while for me to adapt to online school. Time feels like it was moving faster with online school. It’s been almost a year since my school has been shut down...and actually, I had some face-to-face classes...just lab classes. By the way, I’m doing a biotechnology major and a food chemistry minor...yup I’m a science girl and it’s been a rollercoaster learning these kinds of topics through online classes but I’ve been keeping up. It just takes me to improve my discipline to look over my lectures and overall school work so I don’t get left behind.


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Now, I’m in my second year and my final year starts in September…I’m not sure how the world is going to be in a few months...I may go back to school like normal or I might finish my degree through online school. I must say, having a blog has surprisingly helped my organizing skills since I would have to make time for the blog and then some school work. This definitely wasn’t my expected experience of university, it was a pretty normal feeling up until last year March. I still can say I have experience at university and I have discovered some realizations in the year and a few months I’ve been a student.

Obviously not like high school

I really had to find some different kind of discipline after leaving high school. You know, in high school, you get your timetable and you have classmates and you can walk together to find the classes...but now….yikes. It’s my job now to make my own timetable, look like a lost puppy finding my classes, try to keep up with deadlines, try to be interested in my lectures, have to deal with large crowds, walk distances to my classes...okay, I think that's enough venting haha. Apart from me missing high school since it was easier but in a weird way, I’m okay with this life now haha.

Different social life

The best thing about being in university is that you can start fresh and you can really be yourself. With thousands of students, there's no “popular crew” or separated groups of people like in high school. To me, everyone is just there as themselves and causally has friends or people they talk to...nothing too serious...and the best part, there’s barely any drama or nonsense happening. I went to an all-girls there was always something happening haha. As much as hearing the drama was funny and gossiping about it with friends was a highlight….it got annoying after a while.

It’s an interesting chapter of life

As much as it’s been a bizarre’s been actually been a great experience so far. With the ups and downs, becoming an adult..kinda, meeting new people, and having my first proper relationship...that was a journey on its own haha, relating with my classmates about the stress of school and realizing how fast time is going. This part of my life is almost finished which is crazy to me but whenever this world becomes somewhat normal, I can have a great story about being a university student in a world pandemic. I must say...I’m jealous of those who are completely finished with school before the world turned upside down, all I can say is’re lucky.


I wouldn’t call myself an incredible student so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write anything about school...but I’ve gotten some confidence in writing about different things since my posts about I was like “why not?”. Now, like always, I got some questions for you, if you went to university, what was your experience like? Also, If you’re in university right now like me, how has it been?


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