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Am I an Adult now?

I remember when I turned 18, I got so excited because I’ll be an adult….but did I actually turn an adult? Eighteen is still being a teenager...right? I started university at 18 so it felt adult-like but I still felt like a high schooler. I’ll be turning 20 this year and I’m still mind blogged about how it’s gonna be 2 decades of me being on the earth...I mentally still feel 16 or 17 haha. Also hopefully next year, I’ll be finishing up my first degree so I’m wondering if, after that, I’ll feel grown. I still live with my dad and I’m fortunate that he financially supports me while I’m at university but when I start living on my own and have a job...will I feel like an adult then? I remember when I was younger, I couldn't wait to get older.....but's like the years are just running past me because I'm pretty sure I just graduated from high school...why the hell I'm I almost finished university? I remember someone told me, as you get older, time feels like it goes faster...and I 100% agree because I am almost finished with uni and almost I just turned 16, what happened haha? I don't mind getting older but it's like I don't even get time to process the age I reach just happens and as I blink, my birthday is here again.


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This question might sound ridiculous but I am genuinely not sure when that feeling is supposed to kick in. Like I know legally, I am an adult but I don’t think I’ve done anything adult-like. I an adult for that?... How about buying groceries by yourself for the first time...Making your own appointment?..even though that scares me. Maybe when I start paying my own bills, earning my own money, and paying taxes…? What is the part of life where adulthood starts? I grew up learning that age determines when you become an adult and I’m slowly realizing that it doesn’t. You can be 26 and be very immature or just very irresponsible and an 18-year-old can be the opposite. This is just my assumption, life experiences develop you into adulthood, not age. Obviously, after you finish high school or won’t feel completely like a child still but I don’t think turning 18 made me an adult. I remember I was having a disagreement with my dad and I said “ I’m 19, I’m an adult now” and boy do I regret saying that because on paper I am but I’m definitely not one officially haha. I’m pretty sure when I turn 20, I’m gonna feel the same as when I turned 19...nothing different hehe. I’m gonna give myself when I move out and live on my own...maybe the feeling will kick it..maybe.


Well, this is a quick read hehe but I promise my next post will be longer for sure. I've started my new semester of school so I had to squeeze in a quick post before the workload rains on me soon. I got triggered into thinking about this topic after realizing, well damn, life's moving really fast right now and this pandemic hasn't made that any better. Now some questions for you, when did you start feeling like an adult and what experience did you have that made you feel like an adult?


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