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5 Things I don't like about Blogging

Now, this isn’t going to be a negative post...but it kinda is. I love blogging, honestly, it’s a great hobby for me, I enjoy making content and I get to interact with really nice people on the internet. Blogging isn’t the easiest thing and can be annoying. It can be certain things around blogging or things I don’t understand. Today, I’m going to talk about 5 things I don’t like about blogging. Again, I enjoy blogging still but bear with me, just gonna complain about it a bit haha.


1. Having to constantly promote

When I started blogging, I don’t know why I assumed after I made a post and published it, I would instantly get views. Yeah...that doesn’t work that all. Now they are many ways to promote your blog, social media is the main way for many bloggers but here’s the thing. Posting one thing about your new post or your blog is not enough. On some platforms, like Twitter and Pinterest, you have the ability to post multiple times. You can use Pinterest group boards or do a little research on keyword searches to help get your blog out there. For Twitter, many bloggers do and participate in comment threads/writer’s lifts. I found these extremely helpful as Twitter is my biggest source of traffic. The downside about this is, I spend so much time sending out tweets or making pins that look clickable. I hope one day, I can just promote a few times and get traffic but for now, I’m going to be constantly over on Twitter and Pinterest...and maybe Instagram...that’s a story for another day.

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2. Technical work

I knew having a website wasn’t going to be a piece of cake but I didn’t expect the amount of confusing technical work. It took me lots of google searches and youtube videos to figure out one thing. When I was doing some research on blogging, I didn’t have that many posts or videos on how difficult technical work is. Some might be there and I probably missed it. It can be so annoying when a feature on my site stops working for some reason or something I added isn’t showing. Some people can have professionals step in and help them out but right now, It’s only me. I can say, it is very satisfying when I figure out something haha.


3. Needing a niche

I understand why you should have one niche and you should stick to it but for me, it’s hard. When I started, lots of my posts were just rambling, then I slowly made them into more readable content. It was in the field of mental health and self-care...and occasionally I would just rant about something haha. Nowadays, I make my posts more personal and casual so the reader can enjoy the read instead of feeling like they read a regular article. I try to make content that can be helpful to people as well but I make sure I’m honest with what I write. Right now, I consider my blog being a personal blog that writes about different topics. I wouldn’t call myself a mental health or self-care blog/blogger because I still struggle with my mental health and I’m not fully committed to self-care because of it. I still write posts about both topics, I try my own spin on it even though I might not do as well as other bloggers. I wished blogging was a bit freer but if you want a certain growth for your blog, you gotta pick something and stick to it...which is annoying to me.

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4. Returning comments

As I said above, comment threads are the best ways to promote your blog. For me, I say a quick hi, show my latest post and say I’ll be returning all comments. Now, “returning comments” means that when someone checks out your post and leaves a comment, you go back to their blog and leave a comment on one of their post. I enjoy doing this as you get some great interactions with other blogging and it can also help with putting your blog out there as well. Here’s my problem, Some bloggers will click your link and leave a comment….but I can tell if you read my post or not. Now, I don’t want to sound mean or anything, but it can be quite annoying when certain people do that just so you check out their blog. I don’t have criteria for comments by the way haha, I do love reading comments and seeing what people think about my post and their answers to questions I asked, I enjoy the interactions. Also, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a time limit on when I return comments. I’m a full-time student and sometimes life gets in the way and may take longer to respond and return comments. No matter how long I take, I do return them and I had a few interactions where it seemed demanding. Maybe I took it the wrong way but I enjoy this part of blogging, the interactions, checking out new blogs or visiting blogs I know. Stuff like that can suck the fun out of it sometimes.


5. Having to stay consistent

I’ve seen some bloggers that post two or three days a week and honestly, I look up to y’all because I can’t even manage once a week sometimes haha. When I started doing once a week, it was going well up until school for one semester got really hectic and all my time when into school and my blog collected some dust. See, if you were consistent and pulling in the same people every week and then stop entirely for like three weeks, you lose a lot of traffic. Now, I wish I could dependent on google engine but that’s another confusing area. I surprisingly collected over a hundred clicks and over three thousand impressions for my blog on google but google needs consistency as well and if I’m inactive, it could affect my stats. I understand the benefits of being consistent, especially when your blog is fairly new and growing, but I wish it wasn’t so damaging to the growth of the blog if you were inactive for even a week. I’m more organized right now for school and my blog so hopefully, I don’t go missing for 3 weeks again haha.

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And there you go, 5 things I don’t like about blogging. As I said, I still love blogging but I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying that some things can be annoying or you just don’t like them. If any new bloggers are reading this, I don’t want you to feel discouraged at all, blogging can be fun but everything has some downsides. Hopefully, my honesty can be somewhat helpful and prepare you for your blogging journey. It’s a great journey so get ready and try to have as much fun with it. I’m pretty sure some experienced bloggers like me may relate to some things I said, but I’m curious if you do, what things you do not like about blogging? This is a safe space so you can rant about something if you want below haha. Looking forward to reading your responses!


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