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Always be yourself
You are uniquely made for a reason

Spending Time with Yourself

With a horrendous year gone by and a strange and disastrous start of the new year with Trump and his “friends”...I still can’t believe that actually happened to be honest. I personally think 2020 has taught many people that time to themselves is necessary...even though it was forced on us to be by ourselves. Since this pandemic is still happening and most people are still stuck inside, I want to talk about a list of things that I’ve been doing which create some quality time for myself. These things kept me not so bored during being stuck at home and online school.



Wow….shocking hehe. This has definitely helped me out during the pandemic, it helped me from boredom and also mentally. Whenever I felt overwhelmed with school or...maybe life, I would just open my notes app on my phone and type. I slowly started learning about blogging and blog was created last August. Even with writer’s block sometimes, I still enjoy writing and working on things for my blog….keeps a girl busy and spends less time on social media. I really recommend to people who may be having a hard time or feeling overwhelmed to start writing...whether on paper or on your notes app on your phone, I promise you will feel so much better afterwards.


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This has always been my safety net and surprisingly, as much as, excuse my french…ahem...the shitshow 2020 was, some really great music came out. Some great albums came out like The Weeknd's “After Hours”, Halsey's “Manic”, Chloe x Halle's “Ungodly Hour”, Victoria Monet's “Jaguar”, Dua Lipa's “Future Nostalgia”.....and more but I’m gonna stop now hehe. I also discovered a trend with songs edited to be slowed down, ‘slowed and reverb” gives songs such a different vibe. A bit random but I find myself listening to a lot of 70s and 80s music now I want a record player so I can play music from vinyl records. Listening to music is such a great way to pass the time and allow you to spend some quality time on your own. I recommended this YouTube channel called Lofi Girl in this post and this channel uploads and does live streams playing great instrumentals for relaxing and just having some background music while doing some chores or work.


Picking up back old hobbies

Being stuck inside had me doing things I haven’t done since high school. When I was younger, I used to make my own rubber band bracelets and lanyards that I would make with plastic lace. I used to watch YouTube tutorials and make different designs and spend hours doing them. The great thing is that I have muscle memory still so it wasn’t that hard to start up again, just had to find back those old tutorials. It was really nice to get back into it because reminded me a lot of my childhood and it was a way to clear my mind and relax. If there’s any old hobby you had that hasn’t been in a while or years, give it a try again, it can fill up some free time in the day.


I honestly think these many lockdowns and quarantines have has definitely taken a toll on many people. Hopefully, everyone has been pulling through and has the little thing that’s been keeping them sane through this chaotic time. I know it’s really hard to stay positive in these times but let’s take the time and express gratitude for life itself. Life has beaten me down many times, especially in 2020 but one thing I’m grateful for is having a life, having great health and all the important people still in my life. My mental health was been a rollercoaster last year but I’m happy to say that the rollercoaster has slowed down.

Now my questions for you are, what thing has been keeping you occupied and has helped you during these crazy times and what are grateful for?


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I hope you're at your happiest if not, it's okay...I hope you're starting or working on reaching the highest peak of happiness.

- Anissa (TheQuietGirl)

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