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Always be yourself
You are uniquely made for a reason

People around you

I’ve reached a stage in life where I finally realized that it really doesn’t matter the number of friends you have...quality is always better than quantity. I’m very grateful to have the same friends from high school days. Calling someone a friend is something that means so much to me, I can’t just give such a title to anybody. Allowing people around to know me and having me feel comfortable enough to express myself the way I want to. I tend to keep things to myself a lot so I don’t express everything, not because I don’t trust them, I just feel like I need to say everything from my sad life lol….I don’t like to be a burden...I don’t want to be that “depressing friend”. Even though I’m not really like this, it’s a wonderful thing to have someone to talk to if they need to talk or vent is there. Genuine friends are there through the good and the bad...the pretty and the ugly...the happy and the sad.


It’s easy to know lots of people but there’s always gonna be a certain amount of people who know you for you. It’s strange...I call it my sixth sense….I can sense or feel the energy of a person I’ve just met or just across from me. I wouldn’t call it’s like I observe the person’s behaviour and I can determine what can of person they are…..also...I’m not staring at people when I say “observing”….. slightly observing...trying to understand their vibe….I luckily have never been wrong. I remember when I was in the 7th grade, which was in my first year of high school and there was this girl in my class, her personality always seems so fake...seems hypocritical to me but I kept that to myself. Can’t remember the specifics….but something happened in class and other people were talking about her being fake...and I was like to myself…"Wow, I was right”. I barely talked to the for me to already know that she was fake from just observing was when I discovered I could do that….and trust me, I used to that skill to my advantage...basically helped me throughout the whole of high school. This skill gained me the friends I have to this day. I know this isn't a "skill" everybody has...but I just highly recommend paying attention to may learn a lot from a person without even talking to them....and staring haha.

A group of friends hanging out

People around you who don’t necessarily have to relate to friends alone...could be simple acquaintances….co-workers….classmates….. or persons with who you speak on occasion. I know a lot of people and lots of people know me…..but the people that know I always sensed were good….so having a quick convo wouldn’t hurt me really. Talking to complete strangers slightly scares me but as I get older, I’ve just gotten used to point that I’m gonna have to meet new people in every new stage of life. That mindset prepared me for university.


It’s very important to have the right people around you….the wrong ones will just drain the hell out of your energy...also, there’s nothing wrong with being friends with’re really the first person you can understand. Spending time with yourself can be a lovely thing….I enjoy it tremendously. It’s not like I don’t like spending time with my friends….it’s just a different type of enjoyment when I spend time with myself….I’m pretty sure my fellow introverts can relate haha. I’m gonna leave a quote here....specifically, one I made haha…."Having great people around you can give you such a boost of energy”. Always remember to choose the people around you wisely.....take care of your surroundings...take care of yourself.


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A group of friends hanging out - people around you

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I hope you're at your happiest if not, it's okay...I hope you're starting or working on reaching the highest peak of happiness.

- Anissa (TheQuietGirl)

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