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Obsession or Love?

Celebrities...people that crowds adore...whether they are an artist, actor, singer, or nowadays influencers...they’ve been around forever. One thing I can’t wrap my head around is why people are so influenced by them. I’m just gonna talk mostly about artistes because I love music and listening to different types of music. To me, while growing up, I noticed them but I was never obsessed. I completely understand if celebrities inspired others for certain things in their lives but they are people who devoted a lot of time to a celebrity.


I joined Twitter back in 2017 out of curiosity, also to keep up with updates from my favourite artistes and I’ve learnt how toxic people are when it comes to their favourite artiste. I am a lover of all music...I obsess over the great production of a song or album or how amazing this artiste sings...but the way I see some persons on social media act is frightening and just sad. You have a thing called “fandoms” for big mainstream artistes and they tend to fight each other over their favourite artist or how well this artiste charted on billboards or how this artiste’s album was horrible ….and I’m just there like….they all sound good to me. I know having fans is normal but I’m starting to wonder about the inclusion of social media… it’s just become very toxic. Even when a celebrity gets into something terrible and I mean really terrible….and these ‘fans’ find things and time to defend them….like huh? I don’t know, I always found it weird..the way people act about persons who were human as well and just have a high-earning career and have a status...almost like worship...or is that too extreme to say?


I know some fans genuinely love their favourite artiste/ celebrity and will defend them if anything comes up about them but like it causes a strange division for persons who are fans of another artiste. The other fandom will just talk mess about an artiste that they just don’t like or even more extreme…there are cases where fandoms like attack another artiste/celebrity/influencer over the internet. They would hack social media accounts, send them horrible messages and also involve their family members in the mess. It’s like people have this strange confidence to do things over the internet or through social media… it’s just crazy.

I like certain celebrities, mainly artistes...but obsessed? No….I’m just a consumer of their music….that’s it, but for some other looks more like an obsession to me.


I'm a music lover so this has always been a topic in my mind. Now, a question, What are your takes on celebrities and "fandoms"? I'm actually curious to know what other people think about this.


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- Anissa (TheQuietGirl)

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