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Always be yourself
You are uniquely made for a reason

It's human to have emotions

Something struck my thinking process last night and it's crazy that some people still think this way. I understand that society has caused the weird thinking that men aren't allowed to cry because it may show weakness or their sexuality would be questioned. It's why do you still think like that...and I'm mostly referring to the girls because I've heard it too many times of girls not liking guys who cry or in a Jamaican way of saying it....."softy softy". Like you don't want your boyfriend to show emotions 🥴 I'm sorry I didn't know guys were a different species from us and lack feelings. This is exactly the reason why so many guys are troubled mentally because they are told it isn't manly to cry or show emotion...they need to "man up". Both males and females are from the same species called homo sapiens....we have our different characteristics but one thing we are similar in is that we are emotional creatures and I don't think we still should be having the dumb conversation on if....iS It OkAy fOr MeN tO cRy?...yes, it is...shouldn't even be a question...

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Photo by Toni Cuenca via Pexels



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