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Always be yourself
You are uniquely made for a reason

Impact of social media

Society nowadays gives people this weird image of how you should look or the standard of beauty....whether man or woman but the standard is mostly put on women. The trend on how a woman should look changes like every 10, its a really specific body type....average height, small waist, wide hips, big butt, big breasts. A perfectly structured face, big lips, smooth clear skin...I feel like there's more but that's just from the top of my head. completely unrealistic....some women can achieve some of these traits naturally...great for is not possible to have all of that naturally. Mostly Instagram continues to fuel this wave with celebrities or "influencers". Lots of them tend to have near-perfect pictures on their page but their pictures are probably filtered, photoshopped, they use a certain lightening or angles....or they probably got some work done on themselves. Children nowadays are very different than children a decade ago. Children tend to have every device is known to mankind...smartphone, tablets, laptops...starting from a very young age. Children are sponges...they come into this world as a blank canvas...their purpose as growing humans is to soak up the information around them...when a 12 years old little girl has an iPhone and has an Instagram account and sees all the perfect looking women...they will start to think that's how they're supposed to look or even act. It's really sad that social media is kinda raising the new generation.'s not just on children, it's also on young teenage girls or young women. I just wish everyone really appreciated how special and unique they're made to look different for a reason....imagine how boring the world would be if everyone looked the same...

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