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Eczema Sucks

I think the title says it all already but I guess I can go into further detail about why eczema sucks. Eczema is a skin condition that can cause itchiness and patches of dryness on the skin and can even affect the scalp. For someone with dark skin, I have to deal with symptoms like:

  • Darker brown patches

  • swollen, dry, itchy affected areas


These patches can pop up anywhere on the body...on my face, my arms, my chest, my back...even on my eyelids of all places. I grew up having eczema but I feel like it’s gotten worse since I’ve gotten older. I’ve been trying and using so many different things to combat it, from prescription creams to drug store creams. Since the pandemic, I’m not sure if it is because I’ve been inside for so long and I’m not getting any vitamin D but I’ve gotten so many flare-ups on my chest, back and face. I’ve been trying some new products and my skin has definitely improved. All of them are actually natural products and I’m gonna share the ones I use.


Shea Butter

Shea butter is the fat taken from the nuts from the African shea tree. It’s really good for many skin issues as it has great healing properties such as having vitamins A and E, filled with fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal….anti-everything basically. It’s very moisturizing but I use it everywhere except my face….my face is a bit too sensitive for it.


Cocoa Butter

Like shea butter, it is the fat taken from the cocoa beans….yes, the same cocoa beans that are used to make chocolate but in this case, through processing, the fat is separated. Like shea butter, it is packed with fatty acids and makes a great barrier for the skin to keep its moisture. It also has properties to help in UV rays protection. It’s really great for any skin issue and it smells ammaazziinngg by the way.


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Rosehip Oil

This is a carrier oil that is taken from the seeds of a rose plant called dog rose plant. This oil has many antioxidants, fatty acids and a great amount of vitamins A and E. It’s great for eczema..hence why it’s on this post hehe, it has anti-inflammatory properties that promote healthy skin. Only need a few drops then you apply it to your face after washing it, it also absorbs really well in the skin.


Raspberry Seed Oil

Like rosehip oil, this oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamins A and E and is made from the seeds of the red raspberry. This oil also provides sun production but it’s not a replacement for sunscreen. It doesn't provide protection from every type of UV radiation. It also absorbs in the skin just like rosehip oil, leaving no greasy feeling.


Vitamin E oil

This oil is basically made up of the vitamin found in many other oils and the ones I talked about above. This vitamin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and helps in regenerating cells It has a very thick consistency and I recommend you mix it with another carrier oil like rosehip. It can be used on its own but it's an oil that takes a while to absorb in the skin.


Hopefully, these products can be helpful to you as they are to me. Living with an annoying skin condition can be a pain but it is a great feeling to find remedies that give a little help. Feel free to share any of your experience with skin conditions if you had or have any, doesn't have to be eczema. Also if you have any remedies or products you use that are helpful, feel free to share some great info. The links below are some resources I used to write this post.


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