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Caring too much about followers/likes

As social media continues to grow, there tends to be a weird phenomenon of persons needing validation with likes and follows from complete strangers. I didn't necessarily grow up with Facebook or Instagram because I was very late with the trend. Did I care about numbers? Not necessarily...I mean I remember when I got like 20 likes on a Facebook picture and it felt nice. I can somewhat understand because remember can get a nice feeling with a lot of people liking your picture..."gratification"..hopefully, that's used in the right way. I feel like I'm too much of a logical thinker because I remember hearing things like 20 likes isn't "a lot" and I'm like "What 🥴?". If you put 20 people in a small room, its gonna look like a lot...same with 30, 40, 50 and even 100...but for the social media means nothing. Same thing with the number of followers you have, whether its Facebook (friends), Instagram, Twitter or any of the rest of them. Majority of those followers are people you probably don't know...strangers..but people nowadays have this weird obsession with numbers. Now, I understand if you have a business, those factors mean a lot because it goes if you're an influencer...which I believe it's considered a job/career now.....obviously you gonna need all of that...but if you're just a normal person with a social media means nothing really..nothing...

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Photo by mikoto.raw via Pexels



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