Always be yourself
You are uniquely made for a reason


I learned that I have difficulties with people understanding me or just explaining myself to people. I was always someone who keep their problems with themself or their weird habits. As I get older, I've been put in positions when there is a time to explain myself, I struggle. Even when I feel like I did my best explaining, it either gets interpreted wrong or it doesn't come out sounding right and it just makes things worst. It's like I'm the only person who understands me.....I definitely know people similar to me, really similar actually but there's just certain things only I get. When I was using my notes app on my phone as a "journal", I remember saying, 'I wish I could plug my brain into a computer and it just unscrambles my thoughts'. I still feel that way funnily. Like anything I struggle with explaining, just plug myself into a laptop, allow it to do its thing then just print it and give it to the person I'm talking to. But sometimes, I just prefer to stay quiet about certain things, keep it to myself. It only becomes a problem when I'm questioned about something....then I go into slight panic mode lol.

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Photo by Jess Vide via Pexels