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Trying to create a decent wash day routine

After all the fails of trying too much from youtube videos, I created a somewhat simple routine for my hair. In the last post, I said I used to wash my hair with the Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioned with V05 conditioner. It wasn't a bad duo, the only downfall was that my hair would dry as hell after shampooing and my conditioner would be finished after two wash days 🤷🏽‍♀️. While watching more hair videos, I starting learning about sulfate and non-sulfate shampoos. Sulfate is a chemical used in shampoos that makes it "sudsy" and give your hair that squeaky clean feeling that could be very drying.

From my intrigue, I bought a non-sulfate shampoo, particularly the Creme of Nature one and it felt great. Non-sulfate shampoos are like gentle cleansers and leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized. One thing I realize is that my hair so moisturized that I wasn't sure if it was clean or not 🥴...I think because I was so used to that squeaky clean feeling that it felt wrong. With more research, I realised my hair needed to be clarified. So, I started using an apple cider vinegar rinse, diluted with water of course. I remember when I was shopping with my dad and I picked up a bottle....he was so confused like, "What you need that for?" and I said for my hair but he still didn't get it 😂. ACV is actually really good for natural hair though, it balances the pH of your hair and scalp, prevents fungal and bacteria growth and clarifies the hair and scalp. It felt like it was working but I felt like I needed something more. By this time I stopped using the Head and Shoulders shampoo because I was using the Creme of nature one.....but I decided to buy a new shampoo..with sulfate 😶. I bought and tried the Aussie Moist shampoo....and it had the squeaky clean feeling but my hair didn't feel that dry. I decided to alternate between the sulfate shampoo and the non-sulfate shampoo. So, one week I wash with the Creme of Nature then the following week I wash with the Aussie moist to get a proper clarify.

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I still use the V05 conditioner...preferly the strawberry one. I only use it as a detangler now, before I wash my hair and I switched to the Aussie moist conditioner. There's a store called pricesmart here in Jamaica and they sold the Aussie shampoo and conditioner at a good price and in the biggest I took advantage lol. I usually use the Aussie conditioner after I shampoo with the creme of nature shampoo. Since my hair was always detangled from before...with a wide-tooth comb and detangling brush...I just finger detangle then twist it up and leave it in for 5 minutes. The weeks where I shampoo with Aussie moist, I deep condition with the Cantu Deep Treatment Masque and cover my hair with 2 plastic caps. I leave that in for about 30 minutes to an hour or..longer if I forget lol.

I do hair rinses as well...I still do the ACV rinse but I'm gonna leave that for another day, I think I've written too much today 😅. I went through a lot of changes with my wash day routine but I feel like I've made a really good one. I'll make another post going into the other steps I take on wash day, with details. I'll talk about pre-pooing and styling my hair. I thought I should just talk about the basic steps first before I go into the extras. Even having to deal with all of this...I still love wash day 😅.

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