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The basic steps on wash day are usually washing and conditioning but.....through the magic world of youtube...I learnt the wonders of prepoos, hair rinses, clay masks and protein treatments. I still do a few regularly but some I do at a certain time or when I have the time 🥴.

There are many ways you can prepoo...yes I know, its a funny word but it actually means "before shampoo". It's basically a treatment you give your hair before shampooing 🤷🏽‍♀️. you can do it the night before you wash your hair and let it stay in overnight with a plastic cap or even an hour before. It's very helpful with protecting the hair from the possible drying effects of shampooing....especially with a sulfate/clarifying shampoo. It can also help with detangling your hair and makes washing easier...prevents more tangles. You can pre-poo with an oil, conditioner or if you're fancy...aloe vera gel. When I started doing it, I use to use coconut oil....which was kinda deemed the holy grail for naturals🥴 ...but my hair actually didn't like it, I didn't like the feeling it gave my hair so I switched to olive oil and my hair was in love with it 😍...and still is lol. What I do is, I put my hair in sections firstly then each section, I spray with water to soften the hair then I apply the oil with my hands and smooth it through. I finger detangle first...which is know..using my fingers to loosen tangles then I go in with a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush...depending on my mood. I twist up that section then finish my the rest of my hair. You can do the same thing with a conditioner. In recent times, I actually use both oil and conditioner to my previous post, I talked about using the V05 conditioner to detangle with. What I do is just apply the conditioner first the olive oil then I detangle.....My hair gets super soft and manageable after doing it and I leave it in overnight. Now with Aloe vera gel....I've tried a couple of times but...It's too messy and time-consuming 😅. It's really good though...very hydrating and great for I recommend it but I don't have the time 🥴.

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Hair rinses....sounds pretty easy to figure out...rinsing your hair...but not with water lol. Like a prepoo, there are many ways to do a hair rinse...It's usually a natural ingredient mixed with water. You can do an apple cider vinegar, rice water, or tea rinses. They're very good in strengthen, soften and even lighten your hair. This is usually done after shampooing your hair and before conditioning it. You can use a cup or bowl or an applicator bottle to apply the rinse to your hair. I do all three that I listed above but I alternate between them. For ACV rinse, you have to dilute with you have to because the vinegar is very strong. You probably heard about rice water lol, usually you add rice in a couple of cups of water and let it sit for a while or overnight before using it. I don't leave it overnight because I can't stand the smell 🥴 but its really good because it's packed with great nutrients. Tea rinses, you simply steep a tea of your choice, could be green, black, chamomile or peppermint. I use mostly peppermint or chamomile and the ends of my hair naturally got lighter 😊.

Okay...last part 😅.....protein treatments and clay masks, these are done one in a while or like once every month. A protein treatment kniow..a treatment for your hair but... it adds protein to your hair strands when helps in strengthening them. I do them once a month, I usually wash my hair on Saturdays so on the first Saturday in every month. I apply it the same way like how I apply the Aussie conditioner or the Cantu Deep Treatment Masque then I leave it in for 30 minutes to an hour with two plastic caps...and for extra heat, I wrap a towel on my head. Now, clay masks...the clay mostly used is bentonite clay. It's antimicrobial and help irritated scalps and also moisturizes, conditions...everything 🥴...its basically a detox for your hair. You can actually use it instead of shampoo and condition right after...because it actually lifts up the dirt and grease from your scalp and hair. Now personally...I've done it once...and my hair felt really good after really messy and I can't deal 🤦🏽‍♀️... it's not the easiest to wash out...well for me lol. I do recommend it though...filled with great benefits.

I hope this wasn't confusing and was somewhat helpful lol...the next thing I'll talk about is styling in general and how I style my hair. Can you believe I still love wash day after all of this 😅?

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