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Through this journey and all the loopholes of YouTube.....natural hair is soooooo versatile 🥴. There are so many ways you can style it and it got me excited. I'm just gonna go through the ones I've tried and still do 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Afro puffs or high of the easiest hairstyle for natural hair..well sometimes. This was the first style I learnt and the only one I could do for a while. I used to use a black shoelace and it worked really well....all I did was comb out my hair, use some Eco styler some brushing then tied it up with the shoelace 🙂. It was a quick thing to do in the morning before school or if I gotta leave my house for something and I don't gotta look fancy. After some years, I've mastered the high puff...with some new steps added like spraying my hair with water first before applying the gel and tying my hair up with a satin scarf so my hair dries flat with the gel. There are some downfalls can from wearing this hairstyle too often.....the ends of your hair can dry out really quickly from being exposed and the constant brushing/manipulation can cause thinning of the hairline 🥴. Also, as you can see, I said it wasn't the easiest hairstyle sometimes..because my hair was really thick when I was younger so it was kind of a stress to get my hair up in the puff 😅. Weirdly, the older I got, my hair's texture changed so its a bit easier lol.

Twist-outs....the holy grail of hairstyles... there are probably thousands of videos on youtube of twist-out tutorials🥴 but I was really excited to try it. Now, this done by using some products, maybe some hair tools and...obviously twisting your hair. Its sounds simple but for the best need to have the right combination of products and also to make sure the products have been distributed probably throughout the hair before twisting. Also....very important....make sure the twist are dry😅....there is nothing worse than taking down your twists and they are still wet. There are actually different ways you can do your have a two-strand twist, three-strand twist and flat-twist. I personally do the three-strand because I get more definition from it. After doing my twists, I allow them to dry overnight then I put them in a bun for stretch. When I'm taking them down now, I put some olive oil in my hair and pull them apart and separate the curls. To preserve them, I put my hair in a low bun/puff and slap on a bonnet then the next morning I take it out the bun and shake out my hair and give it some volume with an afro pic. I've made this into my signature style now because it can last me a week, it's low maintenance and I can also spruce it up with a cute headband 😊.

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Mini twist/braids.....a really good protective style...can last up to 2-4 weeks and all you need to do is keep them moisturize and protect them at night with a bonnet or satin scarf. Now, I tend to do this when I'm getting kinda tired of my hair and just want to put it away for a while. I do this on freshly washed hair then I moisturize and section my hair. It could take me about 4-6 hours depending on which style I do..twist or braid. The twists take me longer to do but they're easier to pull out when I want to wash my hair but the braids are faster to do but take long to pull yeah 😅. It can be really good for hair growth as well, you can oil your scalp with some good oils to keep it from getting dry and do some relaxing scalp massages 🙃.

Okay...last style...Styles with hair extensions added....a really god protective style as well...can last for a month or 2 depending on how they look 🥴. Basically the same as the mini twist/braids...even though you have added still need to moisturize your real hair and can use a bonnet or a satin scarf to protect them at night. Oiling the scalp is really good when having this style in too. Now, I don't do this style often...I have to really want to do it or my hair has just been getting on my nerves for a while 🤷🏽‍♀️. You have different types of braid styles braids...Senegalese twists...passion twists..knotless braids...cornrow styles..plenty to choose from. I tend to go for the box braids most of the time and I actually did the knotless braids for the first and I can say I'm impressed. Normally, persons go to a hairdresser to get the styles done or if your extremely can watch a few tutorials and do them yourselves. I..for the first time...did my own braids and it was the knotless braids 😊. I had packs of hair leftover from the last time I braided my hair and I got intrigued to see if I could do them on my own 🤔. After watching tons of tutorials and 2 days...they were finished..they weren't the best but it wasn't horrible 😅...was actually proud of myself and they lasted me a month...the only issue was that some of them were loose at my roots. The next time I do it, it should be much better since know want I did wrong the first time.

There are definitely many other ways you can style your natural hair like using perm rods, braid-outs and even straighten your can literally become a new person every time you step out your house 😂. I found ones that work for me and my hair benefits from them as well. For more info...I'm gonna leave some links below of some detailed tutorials on some of the styles I went through...I don't think I'm the best at explaining the process of doing a hairstyle so I'm gonna leave it to the YouTubers 🥴.

High puff


Two-strand/flat twist out:

Three-strand twist out:

Mini twists/braids:

Knotless braids

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I hope you're at your happiest if not, it's okay...I hope you're starting or working on reaching the highest peak of happiness.

- Anissa (TheQuietGirl)

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