Always be yourself
You are uniquely made for a reason

Appreciating alone time

The older I get, the more I realize being by yourself isn't a really bad thing. I understand why it can be perceived as being lonely especially if you not much of a talker. It can also be perceived as "not liking people".....well that's semi-true lol.....not all though, being around people can be overwhelming sometimes...especially huge crowds. I believe having alone time will allow you to learn and understand yourself more. Having peace with yourself should be the most important thing anyone should thrive for. You should be able to enjoy your own company instead of thinking you need the company of others to feel good. There's nothing wrong having company of others or friends but it shouldn't be something need to feel good with yourself. Once you master enjoying yourself, it would be easier to pick the right people to be allowed in your life. Also helps in protecting your energy....your energy is very important, you don't want to waste it on people who don't deserve it.

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Photo by Cátia Matos via Pexels